Do you know Harry Potter?

Harry Potter is awesome so I wanted to make my own quiz based on it. I had done other quizes here and it was fun so I wanted to make one and here it is!!!!

Harry Potter is cool and so I wanted to make my own. I twas alot of fun making so I hope you have just as much fun doing it. It isnt to hard so any HP fan should do good!

Created by: harry potter

  1. What is the name of Ron Weasley's house?
  2. Which best friend of Harry was introduced first to Harry?
  3. What place do Harry, Ron, and Hermione break into in the seventh book?
  4. Who broke out of Azkaban in the third book?
  5. How many tasks are in the Tri-wizard tournament?
  6. What is the number of the address Sirius Black lives at?
  7. What monster lives in the Chamber of Secrets?
  8. What spell does Harry shoot at Malfoy in the sixth book that makes him bleed?
  9. What is Harry's middle name?
  10. In the Quidditch Cup, what two teams play each other?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Harry Potter?