How well do you know Harry Potter?

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Harry Potter is a popular series of books. You've read it once, and liked it, maybe seen the movies or gotten a few Harry Potter souvenirs. You can say you like Harry Potter.

How many of you are so committed to this amazing series that you can take this quiz and say you are a Harry Potter WHIZ? Can you say you know Harry Potter like Hermione knows her subjects? Don't answer me - take the quiz and it'll answer for you!

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  1. What is Ron's full name?
  2. What does Devil's Snare hate?
  3. HARD QUESTION! Name 5 Horcruxes!
  4. What is Ron's favourite phrase?
  5. Who do Harry, Ron, and Hermione turn into when they drink Polyjuice Potion in Number 2?
  6. HARD QUESTION! What page number does Snape make people turn to for learning about Werewolves in Harry Potter number 3?
  7. What type of animal skin is Rita Skeeter's bag made of?
  8. Name 3 people Ginny has liked (I mean like BOY-GIRL liked)
  9. In the fifth book, who sneaks on the DA?
  10. In the fourth MOVIE, what type of candy does Dumbledore tell Harry he can have while he is out of his office?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter?