How well do you know Harry Potter?

There are many Harry Potter whizzes in this world.are you one of them?you can figure that out here!i hope you do well,people that decide to take this.

Are you a Harry Potter expert or not?you can find out here.i hope you are good at Harry Potter!if you are good at it then take this quiz please!Thanks.

Created by: HappyHaley11
  1. how old does Harry turn in the first movie?
  2. How did Harry's Parents die?
  3. in the first movie,what number did the ticket Hagrid gave hime say?
  4. in the fourth movie,what is the torture curse called?
  5. which curse do they say avada kadavra in?
  6. which is the only one person known that had survived the killing curse?
  7. which group is Harry in?
  8. how many unforgivable curses are there?
  9. who are Harry's two best friends?
  10. how many kids are in the Weasley Family?
  11. what is Ron Weasley's sister's name?
  12. is Ron Weasley's sister older or younger that Ron?
  13. what is the house elf's name ?
  14. Why doesnt the house elf want harry to go bak to the school for the year?
  15. in the third movie,which two students are the seekers in quidditch for the Gryffindor and Slytherin teams?
  16. what do you think you will score
  17. how many spells do you know?
  18. in the first,second,and begining of the third movie,who did he live with?
  19. in the 3rd movie,who does the house elf drop a cake on?
  20. who is harry potters enemy
  21. why did serius black want to kill harry in the 3rd movie?
  22. was this a good quiz?
  23. which harry potter movie am i watching when i made this??
  24. what is the Vessel of Victory?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter?