the hardest harry potter quiz in the world

This harry potter quiz is EXTREMELY hard topass Idare you to take if i had not made it i would have gotten 100% because there has not been a quiz made that i have not gotten 100% i HIGHLY doubt that you can say the same

So if you think that you can pass this quiz i would take ( even though you wont pass it) and this calls for most of you i wouldn't even take the quiz because you are not going to pass it but hey you moght surprise even me!

Created by: sarah

  1. what page does snape tell the third years to turn to when he is filling in for Lupin?
  2. Who is not in Harry's year at Hogwarts?
  3. When Harry looks in the mirror of Erised what characteristic of himself does he not see?
  4. what is harry's favorite desert?
  5. what is not a flavor of bertie blotts every flavor beans that they did not mention in the book?
  6. who is the seeker in replace of malfoy in book 6?
  7. what is the order that the horcruxes were destroyed?
  8. what was the house that all the witches and wizards went bad in?
  9. Where do the dursleys live?
  10. who broke the rule about the houses that hagrid told harry in book 1 and what house were they in?

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