What Harry Potter Character are You?

There are many fictional, fantasy books but the ones that top them ALL is Harry Potter! Take this quiz to find out what main Harry Potter character you are like!

Are you the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world or could you care less about Harry Potter? No matter who you are take this quiz and find out which Character you are most like!

Created by: duluthmn
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  1. What color is Voldemort's wand in the fourth movie?
  2. Who is with Harry when he comes face-to-face with Sirius Black in the third book and movie?
  3. What does Mr. Olivander mean by "Curious. Yes. Very Curious."
  4. Instead of attempting to kill Harry, who is Sirius Black really after?
  5. What is Sirius Black's relationship to Harry? AKA How are the two related.
  6. What spell can banish a dementor?
  7. In the fifth book and movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, who does Voldemort kill in the cemetery?
  8. What baffles Voldemort? (What frustrates him?)
  9. The secret society Dumbledore formed was called "The Order of the...."
  10. Tom Marvolo Riddle jambled up spells...

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter Character am I?