What Greek God, I mean Harry Potter character are you?

Sorry everyone forgot i had the title as greek gods i was going to do a greek gods quiz and then a harry potter one and i was thinking of harry potter the whole time so this

test should actually be What Harry Potter Character are you? Sorry about that! So in this test you will find out if you are most like hermione, harry, ron, ginny, or luna.Personally i would want to get Luna but here you go this is my test! Good Luck!

Created by: beanybellyboo
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do people love even if they haven't met you?
  2. Do you get more then four perfects on your O.W.L s?
  3. Do all boys/ girls want to be with you?
  4. what House are you in
  5. Do have enemies?
  6. What type of blood are you?
  7. Who is your mortal enemy?
  8. Whats you favorite class?
  9. Who is your favorite professor?
  10. Do you have lots of friends?

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Quiz topic: What Greek God, I mean Harry Potter character am I?