What HP Character Are You?

There are many Harry Potter characters, but I chose a few to use. The wizarding world of Harry Potter changed my life, it is excellent! Only let's see if some surpass all others!

Are YOU Hermione? Snape? Harry? Ron? Dumbledore? Or even Voldemort?? Which life do you lead? In few minutes you will see if you are evil, hatred, good, cunning or bad!

Created by: Song Of Rain of Howrse
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  1. Do you want this quiz to end?
  2. It's still not over.
  3. Do you like Harry?
  4. Do you STILL want this quiz to end??
  5. Am I boring?
  6. Do you like coffee?
  7. Do you want to destroy the world?
  8. Last one... Are you glad this quiz is over!

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Quiz topic: What HP Character am I?