What animal are you?

Who likes cheetahs? Nearly everybody likes cheetahs dont they? Well they are verry fast and I'd be impressed if i got cheetah becase their fast and thats why I made the test! To see if you were more like a cheetah!

Who likes sheep!? Their kind of funny arnt they?! They always follow eachother around. No obfennce but I'd hate to be picked as a sheep. Well not hate but I would'nt really mind!

Created by: Rosa of C00lst00f
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  1. are you fast?
  2. Do you like your own stuff or everybody elses?
  3. Are you a meat eater or a vegetarian?
  4. Do you like wooly jumpers or spotty patterned jumpers?
  5. Do you like skipping or runnning?
  6. if you were forced to be an animal what wouldd it be. sheep or chheetah?
  7. would you like to go to the zoo or the farm?
  8. whould you like to live in hot climates (weather) Or cold climates?
  9. do you like milk or water?
  10. do you like free your mind(by cheetah girls) or baa baa black sheep?

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?