this is so embarrassing

YO I MADE THIS QUIZ OF MY FANTROLLS BC IM REALLY EMBARRASSING... feel free to take it if you want omg thatd be pretty cool? i dont rly know what to say here wow

TAKE MY QUIZ!! seriously take my quiz theres like... literally i have nothing to say about this quiz just feel free to take it tbh if youve ever wanted to find out which of my fantrolls you are here ya go i guess

Created by: natalie

  1. How would you best describe yourself in one word?
  2. What would you say you need to work on the most?
  3. What are you most proud of about yourself?
  4. Which is your favorite color, of these?
  5. What is the best way for people to approach you if they want to be your friend?
  6. Do you want to fall in love?
  7. Are you happy where you are in life?
  8. What are your hobbies like?
  9. Do you go against the norm or try to conform to it?
  10. Have you seen Titanic?

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