Are you friends or MORE??

Do you ever wonder if your crush likes you back? I bet you want to know. Do this super-easy, super-fun quiz to see if this special someone has you on their minds too.

It is very possible that your secret lover loves you too. This quiz is WAY less embarrassing then going up to this person and asking them yourself. Plus, they might lie to you because they dont know if you do or not. THIS IS WAAAY MORE ACCURATE!

Created by: some1
  1. Your relationship is like:
  2. Our physical relationship is like:
  3. He/she:
  4. In class:
  5. He/she thinks as me as:
  6. At lunch:
  7. We:
  8. We talk about(with eachother):
  9. He/she act ___ around me:
  10. Who starts the convo?

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Quiz topic: Am I friends or MORE??