Your Inter-species Romance

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Hey guys this is my first quiz ever so be nice to me please. I hope you like it, if you do please comment and rate coz I wont make another one if you don't like it coz that would be pointless. Yeah i'm rambling to make the wordcount!

Anyway, you are a seemingly normal girl going to highschool. You are a massive loser but you don't know why, no embarrassing moments or scandals or rumours that you know about, and yet people avoid you like the plague. Then you meet four guys, Jarryd, Matt, Jake and Romeo. Their descriptions are in there - have fun!

Created by: Princess_Demon
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  1. You are walking through the park feeling sad because you didn't get invited to the party that everyone is going to tonight.
  2. You sigh miserably and sit down on a swing, dragging your feet through the dirt. Suddenly you see four boys walking towards you
  3. They are all noticably good looking but you just want to be alone right now, so you go to get up and walk away before the get any closer, but you can't move an inch.
  4. You try harder to move but to no avail. Panicking a little, you turn your attention back to the guys, sure they are the culprits. One boy steps forward. He has messy dark hair that is in his eyes, which are a rich brown colour. "______, my name is Romeo, everything is gonna be ok, I promise."
  5. The other guys move closer and Romeo introduces them one by one. "This is Jarryd" He points to the one with spiky blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. "Matt" He point to the guy with cropped light brown hair with dark, scary eyes. "And Jake" He points to the guy with flippy dark brown hair with forest green eyes. They all do something when their name is said. Jarryd smiles reassuringly, Matt nods and Jake winks cheekily.
  6. They all crowd around you and Romeo picks you up, you still can't move so the other guys help him get you into place with out dropping you.
  7. You are arranged more securely in Romeo's arms before the boys all back away and form a triangle, with you and Romeo in the centre. You feel like you are floating, but your limbs are no longer connected. You feel sick so you close your eyes. When you open them you are in a room and you feel normal again.
  8. Romeo sets you down and you're surprised to find that you can move again. You're a little unsteady and trip over you're own feel. Matt catches you easily, even though he didn't seem close to you before. "Be careful." He warns before moving back. You blush and thank him before sitting on the bed which is pushed up against the wall. "why am I here?" You ask. The boys look at each other and then Romeo turns to you. "______, you're here because your in danger."
  9. You look at the boys sceptically. "You guys think you can protect me? You're just four guys." The boys, especially Matt look annoyed. "Actually," Jarryd says, "were shapeshifters". You look at them. "Riiight..." You say and roll your eyes. Suddenly there is a bright flash of light and there are four wolves in the room with you.
  10. There's another flash and the boys are themselves again. You don't what to say. Jarryd looks at you're expression and laughs. "Are you afraid of the big bad wolves?" He joked. You look at him and say sarcastically "My what big teeth you have." You glare at him for a second then you both crack up laughing. "Anyway," Romeo said claiming your attention once more. "We know there are people out there looking for you, we want to keep you safe." He said with a winning smile. You stop breathing for a second.
  11. You recover and ask why people are looking for you. Jake grins "Coz babe, your special." He winks. The other three roll their eyes. "Keep it in your pants Jake! Jeez." Jarryd says, giving him a friendly shove before grinning at me. "Focus guys, it's her life we're talking about." Matt said glaring at both boys who sobered up immediately. "Anyway." Romeo said again, getting back on track. "______, theyre looking for because you're a...
  12. Please Comment and Rate. I wanna knowif you guys like it before I make Part 2 (no effect)

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