Advance What Star Wars Species Are You- Industrious

If you are taking this then you have all ready taken the first quiz. You're Industrious so you're going to get one of the smarter species. But theres still plenty of room for diversity.

True Star Wars fans may see what direction this quiz is taking them but I urge you to answer honestly no matter what. Not all of the species may be desirable but all have at less some good traits.

Created by: Brody
  1. Of the Following what bests motivates you.
  2. What Job would you most like
  3. Of the two which one more applies to you?
  4. Are you a fan of Survival of the Fittist?
  5. Are you Greedy?
  6. Which class would you most like
  7. How why do you take orders.
  8. Whats your most annoying trait
  9. What Talent do you possess?
  10. Describe your self in a fight
  11. How do you great strangers?
  12. What environment do you prefer?
  13. Which impresses you most?
  14. Are you especially prone to sickness?
  15. Has anyone ever told you that you have a major ego problem?
  16. Have you ever been considered Elitist?
  17. Are you often ill-tempered and rude?
  18. Are you politically inclined?
  19. Are you very calculating and reserved?
  20. Do you let yourself be taken advantage of?
  21. What scares you most?
  22. If you were given $1000000 which of the following would you do?
  23. Finally whats the worst insult that can be applied to you?

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Quiz topic: Advance What Star Wars Species am I- Industrious