Advanced Star Wars Species Test -Part 1

There are many Star Wars Species quizzes out there yet they offer only about 9 species possible at most. So I created a 2 part quiz that will allow you too find the perfect match from 35 different choices.

Now take this quiz so that you may find out which of the 5 simple categories you are in. After you find your category you can move on to a more specific quiz telling you your actual species.

Created by: Brody
  1. Which of the Following do you think most describes you?
  2. In times of Trouble you turn to.
  3. What job would you rather have?
  4. Do you like to Travel?
  5. Like to Fight?
  6. Would it be better to lose your self in a group or be alone?
  7. Greatest Flaw?
  8. Which would you rather ride.
  9. What bugs you most in others.
  10. What would be the Worst Death?
  11. What excites you most?
  12. Which Crime would you most likely commit?
  13. What motivates you most?
  14. If you were to enter a club what would draw you in.
  15. On the average day you are.
  16. Think Much?
  17. If you were an age of History you would be...
  18. It's best to have the numbers in a fight.
  19. You hear someone is out to get you.
  20. Your Worst Enemy could describe you as...
  21. Which of the next Figures would you most aspire too?
  22. If you won the lottery you would.
  23. What name would you most hate to be labeled with?

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