Mobius' roleplaying academics 3

Welcome to the roleplaying quiz made by Mobius. I was humiliated seeing how many aced my test but it's fine. This one should weed out a lot of the dumber people, but don't take that personally now. I am sure you will do fine here too.

See where you rank from F to A to determine whether or not you are a beginner. Not to say beginners are bad, but saying to your friends you got a D while you played for 4 years is pretty embarrassing.

Created by: master
  1. A puppeteer character-archetype giving sentience to his puppets constitute as:
  2. Assume the following for Turn Based combat: In your previous post it is stated you stood and observed your opponent. The next turn your opponent declares he jumped up and was behind you to attack. What has happened?
  3. Assume the following for Turn Based combat: Player1 dashes at Player2 with a blade. Player2 cast a spell and makes a large sphere encasing Player1. For the following example, what will you call to this situation as a judge?
  4. ____ describes the action of taking Out of Character information (ooc) and utilizing this knowledge In Character (IC)
  5. _____ refers to the action that a character is inflicted with an ailment that reduces a functionality or performance of an attribute they are inherently provided.
  6. What does NPC stand for?
  7. What are the 3 primary choices a player is given when facing an upcoming attack from an opponent?
  8. The following example from a character sheet: Abilities - Vector can control all the elements and combine them. He can also control spirits and resurrect dead beings as his slaves while giving them pieces of his power so they can manipulate all elements. When Vector is using more than 1% of his power, he can tap into dimensional manipulation and create portals in which to draw different powers from. When using this power he may be immune to certain physical attacks. Vector has sub-par insight into reality and mimic powers his opponent uses or previous foes he has faced. The following example describes a:
  9. Is dimensional manipulation legal?
  10. Player2 cast a fireball with a napalm effect and hit the floor before Player1. Player1 moved away and tried to flank player2 before repeated his action. What has happened?
  11. Player1 uses electricity as a main elemental attribute. Player2 engages Player1 and uses a magnet on the first turn. What has happened?
  12. How do you counter melee weapons?
  13. How do you counter a gun?
  14. Player2 flashes a bright light instantaneously to impair Player1's ability to see. What does this boarder-line?
  15. Player1 has the ability to fly and Player2 has a strong ground game. Which player has the advantage?
  16. Player2 has speed but Player1 has power. Who would win?
  17. Player1 modified his profile sheet for his character. These modifications were to enhance what abilities his character had for broader usage of situations without deviating to much from the overall theme of his character. What does this exhibit?
  18. Player1 uses a psychic character while Player2 only uses a gunner. Player1 decides to inject suicidal thoughts into Player2's head. Is this legal?
  19. Is dimensional manipulation a banned ability?
  20. _____ is the act that portrays an author manipulating another author's character or environment around them in a very significant degree that fringes upon an author's ability to respond or retaliate
  21. Player1 jumped into the air in an attempt to land on his opponent. Player2 decides to counter Player1's air vulnerability by intercepting him as he lands, but Player1's character ability, stated before the match, granted him an ability change directions in the air extremely fast and evaded it. What does this describe?
  22. Assume the example takes place in a Turn Based Environment. Player1 released his aura on the first turn. Player2 moves in to attack with a very close quarter weapon from the side and he is only made of plastic. Player1 on his next turn blocks the weapon with his own, but unleashes his aura like an explosion that brings upon everything in a green fire of ionized plasma. In this example, who would you declare the winner? Mind you, both characters had their profile sheets submitted before this fight, and everything that transpired was already established character abilities.
  23. Can NPCs be auto-hit?
  24. T2 refers to what roleplaying format?
  25. Assuming this question applies to Turn Base combat: What is a combination or combo?
  26. What role do character archetypes player in combat?
  27. When challenged to a fight, one must take caution in studying.
  28. Assume the following is Turn Based combat and that all abilities stated are established by the rules: Player1 engages Player2 in close quarters. Player2's character is unaware of Player1's character weakness in that if Player1's weak spot is struck then he will explode. Player2 attacks the weakness and both characters are caught in the explosion, what would be the verdict?

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