Personality Quiz

Many people believe themselves to be intelligent and genius though they are truly not even though they have wonderful academics. Others, are not that great in academics, but their personalities show them capable of being a genius of some sort.

Are you are nerd(genius), geek, average, high-average, or dull. Just by answering a few questions about your feelings about certain things and obsessions, you'll find your perfect intelligence personality. Find out how the simple things that you do or feel effect what you are.

Created by: Kendra Crewe of BioNerds
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  1. You tend to score the highest in:
  2. What do your friends normally call you:
  3. What are your grades normally like
  4. Do you do any extra curricular activities?
  5. What are your pragmatic goals for your future?
  6. How devoted are you?
  7. How much of a perfectionist are you?
  8. Describe your enthusiasm
  9. How much of an individual are you?
  10. How curious are you

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