Jungle Explorers: Part Two

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Shoutouts! Ericat, for writing your great series. ghettobabe4ever for reading this. izme for reading my other series. I hope that everyone who reads this series is satisfied with the story.

Also, I did NOT forget Charlie in the results this time. But he's not in this part. Um, I think that's all. Oh, I might've said this before, but if you have characters from stories that you might like in my story, please tell me!! Okay, go read now.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. **Michael's POV** I see Carly running toward me. "What happened!?!" she screams. "Well.. she was studying the map with me, then she sorta just went boneless. I don't know." "Oh. My. WORD!" shrieks Hadley. "Don't you see?" "See what!?!" Xavier looks ready to faint. "I see it," Franklin says, pale. "What?" I ask. Then I see it.
  2. **Xavier** There's a huge pulsing blue spot on her back. It's like she's.... alien. "It's.... it's.... Hadley!! It's happened," Carly shrieks, having a panic attack. I catch her in my arms. "What's happened?" I demand. "I..I... she...." "Tell me!" "She was told by a sweet old lady that she would die when she loved the man who dares make her forget her real love, unless..." "Unless..." all us boys urge. "Unless someone was to slash the pulse, making her bleed, then was to touch her blood to the first bird they saw." "Ouch," Michael says. But without hesitation, I drew my pocket knife from my bag and slashed the pulse. She started bleeding. I wiped some up with my handkerchief.
  3. **Franklin** He sees a gorgeous toucan and touches the handkerchief to it. Abigail stirs. "Abigail.." I whisper. I crouch down and kiss her. Her eyes pop open. "Abby-gale!!" shrieks Hadley. Xavier picks her up in a hug, and I just crowd around them. "Michael..." she breathes. "I forgot... to tell you... I... have someone." "I know. But I still love you," he says, cradling her like she's a baby.... wait... she is a baby... but not the infant type of baby.
  4. *Abby-gale (sorry I just love writing that. 😅)* "I can stand you know," I tell hm. "Oh. Sorry." I kiss him. "Don't be," I tell him.. smiling dreamy-eyed. Xavier walks up to me and gives me a hug. I kiss him and Franklin, too. "You boys are too sweet!" I tell them.
  5. **Hadley** While Abigail keeps talking to the boys, I go over to Carly. "You'd think that she'd be going on with the adventure," I state. "Hey, you're right! Abby-gale!!! The race!" Carly screams. "Oh! Right. Well, boys, we'd better get going." "Alright... Abby-Gale," Michael says. "Good bye." We all trek around till we get to a small area that is lower than the area we were just on. It's not a valley, or anything. It's just lower. Suddenly, Carly shrieks. "What is it!?!" I call. She points. And there, laying flat on the ground is--
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