Jungle Explorers: Part Three

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This is part three in the series. Credit for Daemon goes to ghettobabe4ever, because he's actually a character in her series The Guardian (Now The Rise of the Guardian).

Now I was able to set my picture. Phew. Anyway, I have to add a new paragraph now, so..... Lala lala Elmo's Song! Lala lala Elmo's Song! He wrote the music, he wrote the words. That's Elmo's SOOOOONG!!! Sorry.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. **Abigail (no more Abby-Gale)** In front of us is a transparent blue snake. But Carly didn't shriek because of that. No, she shrieked because it's slowly turning into a person. "Wh-who are you?" I ask when it forms into a gorgeous girl, about our age, with long, straight black hair. But the odd thing is that she has transparent blue skin, like the snake. "I am Blacknethia. But the name you best know me by is Serpent Love." I gasp again. Serpent Love was an old legend at our school. She was supposed to have used to be a student, but when she grew bored of school, she noticed she had all sorts of powers. The more she used them, the less interest she felt. Finally she dropped out, and her skin turned permanently blue.
  2. **Carly** "S-Serpent Love? What are YOU doing here?" I ask, amazed. "I am here to protect you girls from any dangers that may await." "Is there anyone to protect Xa--- the boys?" I asked, blushing and wishing that I hadn't betrayed my love for Xavier. Serpent Love chuckled. "Yes, of course. There is a man named Daemon. He's the son of Lucifer, however he is much nicer than his father. He has been asked to take care of the boys, and he happily agreed." I sigh thankfully. Xavier is safe.
  3. **Hadley** I am just standing here with my mouth hanging open in shock. Suddenly, everything goes black.
  4. **?????** I laugh to myself. Hadley is the bait. Now, I just need Abigail. Mwahahahahaahaha!!!!!
  5. **Abigail** "Hadley!" I cry. "Oh, Hadley, speak to me." "I-it was... a woman..... dressed in a... gray-brown..... cloak. She... shot the arrow." Hadley lays motionless. "I will stop that woman," I yell. "No. Hadley is fine. The woman is after you. You must stay with us," Serpent Love tells me. "Why me?" I ask? "You are---"
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