The Guardians Farewell: Lucifer

Hey guys. So, just a small warning, this one is going to be a lot different than the others. In fact, I'd like to think it's quite... Evil of me. Yeah, it's not gonna be pretty.

If you can't handle large doses of drama, death or extreme romance, then this is definitely not for you. Nah, I'm just kidding. Or am I? You'll never know until you take it.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. My fingertips slid blindly across his limp body as the horrific memories came flooding back to me, my heart racing as I began to remember everything. He'd died. Grayson died. It was all my fault, yet nobody would let me take the blame. That's what made me feel even more guilty. The fact I couldn't take responsibility for my actions.
  2. " Angelica? Are you crying?" Lucifer asked me as I let him walk me home that afternoon. " Huh? Oh... I guess I am. Sorry." I apologized, giving his ghostly hand a faint squeeze as he looked down at me with a warm smile on his face. " It's not a problem. I'm just really worried about you. You haven't really been yourself recently." he shrugged.
  3. " I know, I'm just really confused." I sighed, wiping a trail of tears from my eyes as I looked up at him curiously. " Why?" " Lucifer, I know I shouldn't say this, but I -- I think I'm in love." I whispered, his eyes narrowing in jealousy before he gave a nod. " With who?" " You."
  4. He quit moving, his hand gently wrapping around my wrist as he looked into my blue eyes with a look of surprise on his face. " You love .... me?" he asked, placing his other hand over his mouth as I gave a small nod. " Angelica, i love you too. A lot. But.... this is forbidden. We can't be together unless you want humanity to end." he sighed, cupping my face in his hands as I began to cry again.
  5. Looking up into his red eyes, I suddenly felt so good, so special, so.... Happy. " Well, then... so be it." I said confidently, his eyes widening as he gave me a small smile. " You love me that much? That you'd give up everything and everyone else in this world... for me?" he asked, tears trailing down his cheeks as I gave a nod. " You're the only thing keeping me sane here." I whispered into his lips as we kissed passionately.
  6. " I love you so much Angelica." he whispered shyly, my eyes wandering down to his lips as I smiled happily. " I love you more, Lucifer." I sighed softly, pecking his cheek as we began to walk hand in hand, the world behind us sat ablaze. Fire gently licked the tips of my hair, yet all I cared about was me and Lucifer being together.
  7. *** A month Later ***" You look lovely, babe." Lucifer whispered into my hair, his fingertips slowly trailing down my jawline as he held me close, barely wanting to let me go. " You look nice too, Baby." I grinned, turning and planting a kiss on his cheek, my adorable husband blushing brightly. Yes, husband. We ended up getting married within a week of my confession.
  8. *** A year Later ***My red velvet dress carefully hung down from the bump where my stomach is, flowing down and gracefully touching the black tiled floor. I eagerly searched for my wonderful Lucifer, my eyes immediately lighting up as I caught sight of him. " Lucifer." I called out, his red eyes looking over at me before they trailed down to my stomach. His eyes immediately widened as he ran over to me, spinning me around excitedly.
  9. " You're --" " Pregnant. You aren't mad, are you? You don't mind?" I asked, cupping his face in my hands, watching him smile proudly. " I'm not mad at all. I'm extremely happy." he smiled, giving my lips a gentle kiss.
  10. *** Nine months Later ***" What will we name him?" Lucifer asked as he looked down at the baby cradled in my arms, a smile on my face as I gave a small shrug. " You choose." I insisted. " Luca Cavana Wilde." he suggested, a smile on his face as I gave a nod. " I like it."
  11. *** Ten years Later ***Lucifer and I ended up having another child shortly after I had Luca, a girl, Melody Ann Wilde. Melody ended up being like her father, a bit.... Wild, but overall, she was a good girl. As for Luca, he was more like his uncle Daemon, a typical flirt.
  12. *** Twenty Years Later ***It's been thirty-six years since humankind was set ablaze, and as much as I hated to admit it, the world was a much better place without them. Of course I still missed all of my friends, but sometimes you have to lose a little to gain a lot.
  13. *** A year later ***" Angelica?" Lucifer coughed out, his frail spirit crumbling as I began to lose what little life I had left. " Lu-Lucifer..... I ha-haven't much l-longer to live." I rasped, tears rolling down his face as he gave me a sad smile. " I love you so much Angelica. You made my life amazing. "
  14. *** Lucifer ***Her frail body went limp in my embrace as she passed away. Tears burned my eyes as I stared down at her lifeless body, unsure of how to ever be happy again. I gently leaned over and gave her cheek a small peck before pulling her blanket up over her face, walking away in tears.
  15. *** Fifteen years Later ****** Lucifer ***As soon as Angelica had died, my kids, Luca and Melody, wanted nothing to do with me, saying I was too much like their mom and it upset them. I understood completely, but it still hurt to be all alone in this world.
  16. *** A week later ***As I slowly staggered about, my heart weighting a thousand pounds of guilt, I spotted a wandering spirit, looking completely lost. " Excuse me, miss. Are you lost?" I asked, placing a hand on her shoulder, her body twirling around. " Lucifer?!" " Angelica?!"
  17. *** The End ***

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