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Ok so all of my series are past quiz 1 by now sept one but I forgot the name of it already ugh! I'll think of it again eventually don't worry! I wod really like to know which one of my series is your favorite!

All of my series are 'I'm not a vampire but they are' (that one is under a different name) '***Heartbeat***' '***Love Letters***' 'you brome my heart and set me free' (duh!) and I'm tryingto think if I have any others omg it's so hard to remember! Lolz well later guys!

Created by: Pink_Zebra
  1. You woke again groggy and disoriented. Your head was spinning and you squeezed your eyes shut to try and regain focus. When you opened your eyes things were still a little blurry, but you could see enough to know that you were still in your clothes from two days ago, and they were all tear stained and wrinkled. Sitting up your head began to spin, and you almost threw up. "Careful!" someone yelled from your right. Looking over you saw a boy with dark blue (yes blue) hair, and blue eyes. He was standing by the bed, and put a cold hand on your shoulder. Slowly he pushed you back down onto the bed. You blinked up at him, your eyes saying many questions. "you're sick. You haven't eaten anything or drank anything in the past few days. You're body isn't used to it, so it's trying to fight off the hunger and thirst with disease." he explained rather quickly. You just stared at him, like he was some sort of science experiment or something. The boy matched your gaze for a while, but then turned to leave. "Wait!" you whispered, because that was as loud as you could manage to talk with your dry throat. He turned back around, rather fast. "wh-who are you? A-nd what d-do you want from me? Where a-am I?" he smiled a little smile but you just stared at him waiting for an answer. "I'm Dylan." he finally said. "and you're here because of your mom. And you. You're special Chloe, really special. I really don't know how to tell you where you are though. You'll find out later." and with that Dylan left. You could here him lock the door as he went, as if you could get out.
  2. Over the corse of the next few days Dylan would bring you breakfast in bed and lunch and dinner too. Sometimes it was Fransisco who did this, but never the mysterious boy you heard arguing in the halls with one of the other two. Time and time again you'd ask where you were and why you were here, but the only answer you got was 'I'll tell you sometime, but not now,' or 'you're special that's why.' *special? Yeah right* after a week or so your stomach felt better and you weren't as weak. Soon after that Fransisco started to take you on walks around the halls. You were seeing less and less of Dylan, and the arguing in the halls was increasing more and more every night. When you went on the short walks you often caught glimpses of the mysterious character. As far as you could tell he was a few inches taller then you, and had pitch black hair that was spiked and died purple in the front. His eyes were purple as well, and you had a funny feeling they weren't contacts. Weird.
  3. Your walks got longer and more frequent as you got better, and on one particular walk after a healthy lunch of salad and salad, someone just about ran you over. "ugh" you groaned as you hit the floor with a soft but hurtful "¢thump"¢ Since Dylan was out (again) Fransisco was taking you on the walk around the house and grabbed your hand to pull you up. "are you okay Chloe? Did you trip?" he asked concern flooding his voice. "yeah I'm fine, but did you not just see that guy barge through here?! I swear you and Dylan need glasses! He's been roaming around here and neither of you ever say a thing!" Fransisco let's go of your hand (which he was still holding) and freezes, mouth open. You wave your hand infront of his face and upon getting no response you stalk off to your room to find your one and only friend Mr.iPod.
  4. It was getting dark out so you cuddled under the covers and tried to go to sleep. The guys hadn't brought you dinner but you had heard them lock your door. Again. Did they honestly not trust you? Try as you might sleep just wouldn't take you into the land of dreams, so you just lay there staring at the ceiling. After what seemed like hours your eyelids still weren't getting heavy. Reaching over to turn on your light so you cod read, you flipped the switch. Nothing happened. You tried it again only to come up with the same result. *weird* you finally fell asleep as your mind wandered away into the land of thinky think thinking. You drempt of the note that someone had left you in your book that night before your mother died, and of a faceless man running laps around a track that was made up of letters and numbers instead of rubber pieces of grind up tennishoe. (yes that is what tracks are made of! The recycle the old shoes that way! :))
  5. Ok the rest of the qs are gonna be gibberish! I'm sorry if this is so short but I felt I really needed to get it out and it's really hard to type cause I'm doing this on my phone so it's a little slow. Plus I've been busy with school, and with reading all of your guys' awesome quizzes. I read all the ones you tell me too read and they are all fantabulous!
  6. Oh yeah I said I would introduce all of the guys but I haven't really introduced Carlos yet! Sorry! Don't worry you'll meet him soon enough!
  7. I'm thinking, no wait not thinking I know, I'm gonna be adding another guy in and I want to know what his name shod be and what he should look like! I would love to put in bits and pieces of all of your dream guys so ease let me know!
  8. Ok only a few more qs now lolz my thumbs starting to hurt! Boy do they get a workout! I would like to give another shout out to xxblutixx! She is my #1 commenter and I love all the feedback I'm getting from all of my followers! Lolz that makes you guys sound like stalkers sorry but that funny!
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