Key to my heart...part 2

Hi guys, and welcome to my story series part 2. Hope you like it and im so sorry it took me a really long time to write, its just that im a really terrible writer and i needed some support :)

I noticed that the last one was quite short so I made this one a lot longer, (well it looks a whole lot longer on my wordpad) and leave a comment and rate the quiz? thanks! LOVE YOUUUUU!

Created by: x_rosebud_x
  1. My dad was standing there with the hugest of all grins on his face, looking like a right joker! "DAD! oh god, i think my liver failed :S" I shoved him out the way as he didn't deserve any of my manners because of the way he tried to end my life right here. right now. "n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no-oh! you're not going to school today yound lady, you're coming with me to the studio so you can fajingle *cough* uh I mean get to know Justin, and he can get to know you too :)" dad said with the ginormous grin still on his face. "I have a feeling you guys will be great friends and I am 100% sure he's gonna be HUGE, like biggest youngest star in the world! so it'll be great for everyone. Win Win Win situation pal. What say?"
  2. I couldn't believe it! My dad, the man who was like the strictest when it comes to school, The man who's never let me miss a single day off school even if i had a temperature. The man who's never been too open of me and a boy --- aloooone. Wow, this boy must be something if he's made my dad think like that. :O "Oh my days poppa, of course! I'd love to go with you - and you know how you like yourself some of Bieber's mommy eh?;)" trying to secure his desicion with that just incase he thinks me ditching school is a bad idea. "It'd be so cool! i mean after all there's gonna be usher there and the new kid. And i've never been to the recording studio before - it's gonna be eppppiccc! But first i gotta freshen up :s" "okay then i'll just phone scooter, the manager and tell him that we are ON our way baby!" he cheered as he poked some random digits into his cell; and with that I took out an outfit from my closet and headed my way dowwn to the bathroom :)
  3. Since I wasn't going to school today, and it was really early, like 6, I'm gonna have a nice, hot shower - perfect :D I bought a new shampoo just the other day, Treseme split remedy - I had a LOT of split ends and it was extra bad because I had dark hair and they show up as Blondish. Need to use that shampoo pronto. I grabbed my stuff, a bright blue towel, Jeans, a really cute top and my shoes and locked myself in the 'naughty time capsule'.
  4. I loved the taste of the strawberry listerine, it was so fruity yet so minty :) Like mentos but mintier and it wasn't too intense, because then it wouldnt last 3 seconds in my non-asian mouth - I cant eat or 'have spicy/intense liquid be shaken around in my mouth' - unlike my dad, he can eat like the seriously spicy food you get from the asian take aways and he just munches the food like they're crackers - absolutely tasteless. I quickly got changed into my outfit, Denim skinny jeans - ever so slightly ripped, (im so sorry! i hate url's but this one is a must! [no urls]) and a pair of white, low top converse and grabbed a red and navy blue zip hoodie and headed downstairs for a bowl full of fun!
  5. I went downstairs after grabbing my iPod and phone that were on charge for the night and updated my BBM status, 'studio wif ushaaa!!!whoop!:D' My fatherkins was sitting there eating toast and watching the aka free request show. The song 'With you' by Chris brown came on and my dad and I both started jumping around and Jamming to the song! "I LOVE THIS SONG!!!" we were both total suckers for this song! :D "with you with you with you with you with you gurrrrll:)" aah my I love my dad I do, we're such good friends. And he fulfills the responsibility of a good dad too - he buys me starbucks! Sickguyyy!
  6. It was getting close to 8 and so i skipped breakfast at home because I want ay hot chocolate from starbuckerooooos! We got out of the house and he pulled out his keys to lock the door. Then he presses the button on his car keys and 'beep!' the car was unlocked. I opened the door to the passenger seat, "Sittin' in the front seat Sittin' in the back seat, naaaah boyy amma sit in the front seat yea!" I pulled the seatbelt across my chest and buckled up. Dad did the same after being amused by my singing, shaking his shirt for any crumbs from the toast. Pffft messy eater
  7. We started moving and we were going down Ashbrooke Avenue when I decided to be the big boss man and turned on the radio; JLo was on and we just couldn't resist it! "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA, TONIGHT WE GON' BE IT ON THE FLOOOOR!!!!!" aha! I loved our times, me and dad made a great team. I wasn't too popular, I had some close friends, we stayed in a group of about 5 but I learned that my i'd choose my dad over them anyday, I mean after all, he's always been there for me and there's no guarantee that they arer gon' be there for me tomorrow is there? I don't wanna lose him like I lost mum. So, rather than trying to fit in with everyone, I just be myself around everyone - That's some really good advise, given to me by...mum :("
  8. "What's the matter ______? Everything okay?" I had a miserable face on and I didn't even notice until he did and asked me what was wrong. "Oh, nothing dad. It's just that, I had a thought about mum. She's be loving it here where we're having an amazing time, bonding :L and we're ACTUALLY not bickering - I'm proud of us :)" I'm the kind of girl who finds a bright side in pretty much everything. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that God knows what he's doing. But for some reason I wasn't so comfortable with mum's death - I know for sure there's more to it that an accident. "aww c'mon now darling, she's in a better place, don't you want her to be happy and her to eat...all the ice cream she can ever get!
  9. Mum loved ice cream, i mean seriously LOVE LOVE. she'd have it for breakfast lunch and tea - thays how much she was obsessed. her favourite flavor would be mango or candyfloss flavor. And also loved spongebob! Her favourite character would be patrick - she'd always talk about how stupid he was, "yanoe _________, that starfish makes yo' daddy look smart and well, mature *cringe*!" I used to watch it with her and we used to laugh all the time, sometimes i just played along because I know that she really liked the show. But the all time best show, would be...*drumroll please* KENAN & KEL!!!! (I am honestly DEDICATED to that show in real life! Kel is the BOMB!!!!!) that was the most HILARIOUS show ever! it doesn't really come on anymore, just once in a bluemoon an old episode comes on and it comes on really late, but I haven't watched a single second of that show ever since she passed. Some things are better of left alone.
  10. Well thats it for this one, thanks for your time and I love you all!

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