Complicated Love Chapter 1

I hope you all liked and stay tuned for the next part, it'll be longer and all that, so yeah. x3 and if you're gonna say I'm a good writer, wait for the next part. xD

I hope you all liked and stay tuned for the next part, it'll be longer and all that, so yeah. x3 and if you're gonna say I'm a good writer, wait for the next part. xD.

Created by: amazon

  1. *Jessica's POV* "Bye mom!",I yelled running out of the door and into the backseat of Matt's car."First day of summer!Hell yeah!",laughed Matt and he did a fistbump,"You know it,so where are we going today?",I asked putting on my seatbelt as he started the car,"To the movies.We're watching Paranormal activity 4.",grinned Matt,"Um...who choosed that movie?",I frowned,"I did.",said Trey turning around to show me the smug look on his face. I hate Trey,he knows how much I hate scary movies like those. Ugh, if you're wondering,I don't like Trey,actually,I loath him. He's always mean and rude to me,always embarrassing me in front of everyone. Plus he likes Matt and tries to win him over. But Matt's straight...Right?! I'm going insane..."Helloooooo? Earth to Jess.",said Matt shaking me out of my thoughts,"Oh what hey.",I said confused,"Idiot.",mumbled Trey. Oh look who's talking,"We're here!",chirped Matt and we all got out of the car.
  2. As I was getting out of the car, Trey put his foot in my way and I fell down,"Watch where you're going klutz.",he hissed as Matt came rushing to help me,"Thanks.",I smiled and he nodded and went to catch up to Trey and I did the same. Why did this boy have to be such a sweetheart? "3 tickets for Paranormal activity 4 please.",he said to the guy.While he paid,Trey and I went to get our popcorn,being the sneaky b------ he is,Trey tried to make my popcorn fall but instead his managed to fall into the trash failing his plan."What happened?",asked Matt as Trey stormed off to buy another popcorn,"Nothing.Let's go.",I chuckled pulling Matt in the movie room to find some seats,"How bout up there?",he said pointing to the seats all the way up,"If you want.",I shrugged. All I know is that my eyes will be shut tight through the whole movie,"Trey!Up here!",I heard Matt yell to Trey who was looking around the room until he found us. I rolled my eyes,out of all of his friends,he HAD to choose him as a best friend....
  3. "That was so cool.",laughed Matt,"Cool?! I wont be able to sleep for days!",I whined getting in the car and Trey snickered,"That's the point smartass.",and I felt my blood boil as he grabbed Matt's hand but kinda felt better when he let go to start the car,"So you guys wanna go to the mall or something?",asked Matt getting out of the parking lot,"I wanna go home.",I said,I couldn't stand being one more minute with Trey in the same place,"Alrighty.",was all he said as he started his way to my house..."Here ya go,home sweet home.",said Matt stopping just in front of my house,"Bye.", I said and quickly went inside,"Hi mom,going upstairs.",I said quickly and ran up the stairs and up to my room where I locked my door and just layed on my bed listening to music.
  4. "YO YO YO WAKE UPPPPZ!",I heard as I felt myself jump up and down with the bed,"Whaaa?",I said sleepy,"It's 6 PM! We gotta do fun stuff!",said the boy I love to hear,Matt."What the frack?Where we going?",I asked as he practically dragged me out of my house,"To the park,I wanna show you this cool place I found.",and with that we went to the park walking this time instead of going in his car..."Can I open them now?",I whined for the 5th time,"No,not till we get there.",he chuckled,"and when will tha-","You can open them now.",and I opened my eyes,"Oh my gawd.It's beautiful!",I gasped. It was this cute little pond with flowers and little cute fishes and shiz.But it looked extra special since it was already a little dark and the stars the were already out,shined over it making an amazing reflection,"How bout this will be our secret place?",he whispered. Omfg I just died,OUR secret place. Not Trey's,not my mom,dad,not anyone else's,OURS!!!."You bet."
  5. What's gonna happen at the secret hide out? Stay tuned to find out. And I'm not so sure, but I think someone had a title similar to this, if there is, just tell me, and I'll change it. :)
  6. Great big Shoutout to WTF_NINJA. She wrote the first chapter for me to get me started and so I thank her greatly. :) everyone say thanks to her!
  7. So comment and rate and make me happy. :)

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