Complicated Quiz

For me, filming Complicated was one of the highlights of 2006- 2012. This quiz is meant to tell C5 what we could have done better, and will do in Complicated 2.

So be truthful! Tell us what you thought of how Complicated was run, how you enjoyed it, and what mistakes we should avoid in Complicated 2. I hope this quiz helps!

Created by: Clara Sims

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  1. Did you think, when filming Complicated, we were organized?
  2. Did you think that the plot of Complicated was good?
  3. Did you think the sets of Complicated were done well?
  4. Did you think the costumes of Complicated were done well?
  5. Did you feel your character was exactly who you planned them to be, as is the C5 motto?
  6. Did you feel you were able to edit the script, as you saw fit, without someone's permission?
  7. Did you feel we needed more or less scenes?
  8. Do you enjoy watching the movie, and feel others would too?
  9. Did you feel that we should have worked longer on the movie, or shorter?
  10. Did you find filming the movie an overall pleasant experience?
  11. Are you excited to begin Complicated 2?

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