Survivor: Part One

Hey people! Sorry it took me so long to get this part out. I've been really busy and all, so forgive me. I'd like to give a little credit to LetsTacoBoutit ( for helping me with the story)

Also big shout-out to Houndlover for reading and commenting on this series -- it means a lot. Shout-out to Gage (LetsTacoBoutit) for helping me write this.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. Mercedes died. My godmother -- the lady who supported me in many ways -- mentally and physically -- had died. I know I should feel sad -- so how come I don't? It's like I just couldn't process it. Like it was all just a dream. But it wasn't a dream. What's wrong with me?
  2. It'd been a week since she had died, and I still felt the same. I just didn't feel like doing anything -- even crying. It was like something came and sucked out all of my emotions and left me feeling empty inside. " Come on, princessa! You need to get out. You're being really weird." Gage commented, his dark eyes falling onto me as I shook my head firmly. " Gage, I'm fine. Really." " Tomi told me when you say you're fine, it's really a cry for help." he replied. Dang, Tomi knows me well. But I'm fine. I'll be fine. Right?
  3. "Come on Bonita. We can grab some tacos and you can see Tomi. It's a win-win situation." he persuaded me. But here's the thing -- I'm not easily persuaded. "I don't want tacos. Or to see Tomi." I grumbled into my palms, my dark hair flipped over onto the left side of my face. As he continued to annoy me with his wild antics, I nuzzled my face deeply into my hair until my nostrils were engulfed in the flowery smell of my shampoo. " Please, Misty? You're really worrying me." he whispered in a raspy voice -- nearly breaking my heart. I was worrying him.
  4. The thing about Gage is that he has a major issue with stress and anxiety -- and was always having panic attacks. I really hate to be the cause of any problems he has -- so I unburied my face and looked up at him with a tight smile and said. "Sure, why not, doofus."
  5. *** Half an hour later ***It'd only been about ten minutes since we'd gotten to Taco Bell, but I swear -- as soon as Tomi laid eyes on me -- I felt my welcome had been worn out. His brown eyes seemed to be deeply sunken into his skull and his lanky body seemed a little thinner than I remembered it being. I'd been dating him since the fourth grade -- and I'm in the tenth now -- and I knew him pretty well. Tomi had been starving himself. My eyes welled up with tears as I realized I was probably to blame for this too.
  6. Tomi had always been one to easily get depressed -- so was I -- but he'd tried to commit suicide once, so he really had to watch and make sure he took his medicine. Something told me he wasn't -- maybe the fact he was staring at me with soulless eyes like I was last weeks left over pizza. " Hey Tomi, bruddha! How's it going?" Gage asked. " I'd like to be dead -- but you know how that goes"
  7. He definitely wasn't taking his medicine. "I'm sorry?" " Never mind. You two should probably go -- I don't need Linda flipping out on me again." grumbled Tomi. Linda was his boss -- and boy was she bossy. She'd work poor Tomi to the bone until he was nothing more than a corpse if she could. " Bye Tomi," I whisper before pressing my lips against his. Now -- I know I said we weren't the romantic couple, but sometimes what somebody really just needs is love -- and if it'd help him, that's what I'd do.
  8. I could feel my cheeks burning as our lips slowly moved together in a slow rhythm -- our hearts pounding like a marching band. "Yuck. Get a room lovebirds." whined Gage in the background. Oh yeah.... We're in Taco Bell -- practically making out over the counter. "Sonny, less making out and more taking my order!" grumbled an old wrinkly man -- who seemed disgusted by our act of love. I quickly pulled back with flaming cheeks and turned around to face a small crowd of people watching me like I just robbed the bank.
  9. Me, being the girl I am gave them all a fierce glare and puffed out my chest with a frown across my face. " What? Never seen a girl who liked her boyfriend?" I asked, taking Gage by the arm and leading him out to the door, holding my other hand high above my head with my middle finger stuck up.
  10. "Mist, that was sweet. I've never seen you do such a thing," Gage gushed as we walked out into the parking lot -- howling winds nipping at out skin, my body well covered with my oversized sweatshirt. " Hush up. He's not taking his medicine. He needs help, yknow, " I sighed deeply, my eyes squinted from the harsh rays of light shining down directly on me like a spotlight. " I think he needs to go --" " Don't you dare say it, Misty. He doesn't need that. He's just been through a lot. Becky's suicide, Gavin's crash, Mercedes death, and your sudden change.... It's a lot to take in."
  11. Becky. Becky was my best friend, and the only girl I was willing to be friends with. She got me, yknow? That's the thing -- I can't stand bullying. That's how I lost her and Gavin. It hurts, but we all needed to stay strong. Becky? She wasn't just any girl. She was Tomis sister.
  12. ***CLIFFHANGER ***

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