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Hello, and welcome to my first shout-out quiz on this account! I asked, you all posted, and here I am, delivering this a month late. (Don't procrastinate like me.)

Anyway, go in and take this quiz! If you aren't on it this time, I will make another one! Continue onward dear friend! Why are you still here? This is the boring section? OAO

Created by: Mused Jade
  1. FacelessKnight: I know we don't talk much, but you are a pretty cool guy! You are level headed, and always up for a conversation!
  2. ChameleonLeap: Honestly, I love it when we talk! I know I suck at responses and stuff, but you tend to make my day brighter! Thank you!
  3. Typical Normie: You are another person that I wish I talked with more. You are nice, and can seem to strike up a conversation with anyone!
  4. Graced: I really haven't talked to you that much, but you seem like a cool individual!
  5. Dragonsfire: Now that we have talked a bit more, I love our chats. You are a really fun person to talk to! We still should chat more though!
  6. Waffle Kitty: I know we don't interact that much together but you seem like a cool person! Hopefully we can chat one of these days!
  7. Eggaly: We don't that often, but we do RP together! You are pretty good at it, and you have some skill! Maybe one day we can strike up a conversation!
  8. mothIncarnate: You are one of the people that I have known since you first joined this site. You have grown so much as an individual, and it's so amazing to see! I know we don't talk often but I am glad to call you a friend!
  9. CaptainMop: I consider you a part of my original friend group from when you, and I first joined this site. You are also one of the ones I have seen grow, and change. I am glad to have been, and still be a part of your life!
  10. The Actual Boss: I'm going to be honest, I don't even remember how we started talking, but we did. I am thrilled to have you as a friend, because you are so talented! You can go far in the music industry if you wanted. Jeep up the hard work dude!

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