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  • Biohazard
  • Biohazard
    "I keep forgetting about this place"
  • "John heard Fishbert yelling for him to come over to where he was. He limped his direction. His leg would have to be fixed soon. Hopefully, t..."
  • "John stayed in the floor, taking in the damage to his leg. He would need some new circuits, and maybe a white panel to cover the hole the bu..."
  • "(Sorry, life has been hectic for me guys.) John walked to the closet and grabbed a few weapons, shaking his head. They could"
  • Biohazard
  • "John shook his head. This ship was one of the better ones that he had seen, but that wasn't what surprised him. The fact that this ship, and..."
  • ""Look, I came here to see if YOU needed any help.." John said, looking at Fishbert. "So how about we argue after this." He wal..."
  • Biohazard
    "It hurts I don't want to think it's real...."
  • Biohazard
    "Sorry dude I fell asleep The past couple of days have been rough"
  • Biohazard
    "Same here, sometimes Alright, followed you on both accounts I have"
  • Biohazard
    "What's your username? I try to come on often now. Kind of like when I first joined. It's my escape place"
  • Biohazard
    "Creative Name: It's 2:12 here Is there another website that you get on where we can chat? I use almost everything 😂 Also,"
  • Biohazard
    "That's one way to eat popcorn I guess 😂"
  • Biohazard
    "Could be better. I'm doing the best I can though. You crossed my mind the other day because I hadn't talked to you in so long. Do you still ..."

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