How well do you know me

Random. Lets go! Lets see if you know me well from these following questions! Do your best, guess if needed. Some may be unknown I know lol haven't said skmvafter al

Thanks too for taking it! Hope you have a wonderful day! Wonderful time, yeah? See you later! See ya around. Good luck, and thank the dolphins kindly. Yeah?

Created by: CaptainMop
  1. What is my name
  2. How old am I?
  3. How many pets do i have
  4. How long have I been her
  5. Favorite movie from these
  6. Eye colour
  7. Am I religiou
  8. Favorite KPOP group from list
  9. FAvorite ITZY song
  10. Favorite final fantasy game
  11. What kind of Youtube videos do i usually watch?
  12. I once dyed my hair. What color did I dye it to?
  13. What color was my hair when I was born?
  14. Do I like escalators?
  15. Which of the following do I not like?
  16. How many relationships have been in?
  17. What time do I usually fall asleep at?
  18. Favorite NBA team?
  19. Favorite NFL team?
  20. What is my favorite Pokemon?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me

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