How much do you about The unknown

What to know how much you know about the unknown take the quiz and find out you might be surprised about what you get and who knows what ye will getaway a result

Unknown expert are try to see if you know as much as I do but be warned it may be difficult for you to see if you know as much as I have seen the shows

Created by: Dr panther
  1. What is the thing for creature called
  2. What is the honey island swamp monster a hybrid of
  3. What creature as bright red eyes
  4. A creature due to where it's head is it as been given this name
  5. What dog like creature works with Bigfoot
  6. What is another name for the northern giant
  7. What unknown creature is same to slender man
  8. What is hogzilla
  9. Will you rate
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Quiz topic: How much do I about The unknown