How do well do you know Crashing Into The Unknown?

"Crashing into the Unknown" is one year old. Can you believe it? Yeah neither can we. So help us celebrate and take a trip down memory lane with us!

Are you a long time resident? A new tenant? Come on in and test your knowledge of what has already happened. Prove yourself worthy and you might get some hints as to what is coming up.

Created by: Kristin
  1. What show does Cruz swear Patrick is rushing home to go see?
  2. What is the name of the soap everyone swears they don't watch?
  3. What is it that Axe does at the PC Insider technically?
  4. What is the name Daphne calls everyone she meets?
  5. What does Cruz promise Lucky if he'll keep his whereabouts a secret?
  6. How long were Cruz and Bobbie together before Patrick and Lucky caught them together?
  7. Which book did Robin sneak in to Lucky while Cameron was in the hospital?
  8. How did Lucky and Elizabeth meet?
  9. What award was Laura nominated for?
  10. What day do Patrick and Logan celebrate once a year?
  11. How long have Dillon and Lucas been married?
  12. How does Brenda break up the bar fight?
  13. When Morgan refuses to talk, how do he and Robin communicate?
  14. What two things does Liz blame for agreeing to go to karoke?
  15. Why did Elizabeth come to Port Charles?
  16. What are the characters constantly doing in their downtime?
  17. Who busted Robin and Patrick spying on Cruz and Bobbie?
  18. What's the name of Lulu's friend that she brings to dinner?
  19. What dessert does Liz and Robin make together?
  20. What two actresses does Patrick claim to want a threesome with?
  21. Who spied on Lucky and Elizabeth's first kiss?
  22. When did Bobbie and Cruz first start to fall for each other?
  23. What does Luke dress as when Lulu brings home a boy?
  24. How did Laura find out about Robin and Patrick?
  25. Where did Lucky take Elizabeth for their first date?
  26. Where did Patrick go when he found out about Cruz and Bobbie?
  27. Where is Georgie going?
  28. What is the name of Elizabeth's favorite band?
  29. What were Cameron's first words?
  30. What is the arrangement between Robin and AJ?

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Quiz topic: How do well do I know Crashing Into The Unknown?