how eeeeevil are you?

Villans. Those guys who appear in comic books and on TV. Sure, everyone knows them, but nobody's met these eeeevil people of crime and scheme and revenge and blood and all that jazz.

So. is there an unknown side in you that is evil and plotting? Are you a pure goodygoody? or are you that person who always tries to kill Superman? Take the quiz and find out.

Created by: harr-e
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  1. your enemy comes to your house. you.........
  2. you bump into the annoying kid. you...
  3. the eeeevil kid knocks your building block castle down. you......
  4. a weird mime scares you. you......
  5. Your hobby is..
  6. Your ideal mate is...
  7. You walk down the street and bump into a UNICEF collector. you..
  8. Your opinion of war is...
  9. What word do you commonly use to insult people?
  10. Last question. How fun was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How eeeeevil am I?