Interactionism and Crime

This is for Sociology A2 A Level exam for Crime and Deviance. it is not as interesting as it sounds, trust me. All sociologists and no fun at all :') ...

If you want to revise Crime and Deviance take the quiz, I only made it because I was bored of taking notes and wanted something different. So here ya go...

Created by: banta
  1. What do interactionists believe a crime to be?
  2. What does Becker believe a deviant to be?
  3. What are 'moral entrepreneurs'?
  4. Who is most likely to be labelled as deviant?
  5. Why are those from a middle-class background less likely to be prosecuted?
  6. What are the consequences of labelling someone as a deviant?
  7. What is primary deviance?
  8. What is secondary deviance?
  9. What is a master status?
  10. What is a deviancy amplification spiral?
  11. What is reintergrative shaming?

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