Super Difficult HP Quiz

There are very few people as dedicated as I am to JK Rowling. But maybe I'm wrong. JK expects us to be loyal and trust worthy. Read the books 20 times and you fit that description.

Can you prove me wrong??!! Are all you people really smart in HP books?? Well prove it. Now's your chance. Word of caution. I HATE cheaters. And if I hear that anybody cheated.....that person will be cursed!!!! 4 weeks of bad luck to you! Kidding. But guys plz don't cheat. You guys are better than that. Now begin!!!

Created by: Lucy
  1. Book 1: What happens to Ron when he gets nervous?
  2. When does the candy cart come around on the Hogwarts Express?
  3. What kind of meat does Ron hate
  4. What 2 Chocolate Frogs is Ron missing?
  5. What sport does Dumbledore enjoy?
  6. Name two Every Flavor Beans Harry tried on his first year at Hogwarts?
  7. Where did Harry First meet Malfoy?
  8. What are Crabbe and Goyles First names?
  9. What were the 4 words Dumbledore said before the feast in the first book?
  10. What was the first Password in the first book to the Gryffindor Common Room?
  11. What is the longest running Quidditch Game recorded at Hogwarts?
  12. When Charlie Weasly was in Hogwarts what position did he play??
  13. In book 2, who was the first person to be petrified?
  14. Who got Harry Out of with Flich in the second book?
  15. In the Third book, Harry spent most of his holidays at the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley. Harry Visited an Ice Cream parlor. What is it called?
  16. Which of Malfoy's Cronies died in the Room of requirement?
  17. Why does Snape have a Doe Patronas?
  18. What is Dumbledores Full name??
  19. Why did Dumbledores Father go to Azkaban?

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