Erasure Quiz 2008

I decided it would be fun to torture my friends with a really difficult erasure quiz! Most of you know about my obsession with the boys from England' let's see how much you know about Erasure!

Most of these questions are going to be really difficult, although there are a few that are not so obscure. Take your time and don't be afraid to look up the answers online!

Created by: Hector
  1. What is the name of Vince Clarke's specially-built dome-shaped studio located on his estate in Chertsey, England?
  2. Where did Andy Bell work before his success with Erasure?
  3. What is the name of Vince's Son?
  4. In what magazine did Vince's advert for a singer appear, to which Andy responded and which ultimately lead to the formation of Erasure?
  5. Which Erasure single was the first that did NOT receive a 7" (45rpm) release in the UK?
  6. Which Erasure Video features footage shot at the London Docklands where Erasure fans were invited to be in the Video dressed in 50's style regalia in a travelling carnival?
  7. What song did Vince Clarke offer to Depeche Mode shortly after leaving the band which Depeche Mode rejected, and that later became a hit when Vince recorded it with his new project "Yazoo"?
  8. What Abba cover band recorded the Erasure hits "A Little Respect" and "Stop!" in an Abba-style and released the tracks under the title "erasure-ish" as a response to Erasure's highly successful "Abba-esque" e.p?
  9. Which Erasure album's singles feature artwork in which the seasons change with each release? (i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall etc..)
  10. What unusual recording location is listed in the credits for the single "In My Arms"?
  11. What Erasure song was originally titled "Trying"?
  12. Which Erasure single features a remix of the title track called the "Yellow Brick Mix"?
  13. How much was Andy Bell originally paid during the initial recording sessions for "Wonderland"?
  14. I say I say I say, Nigel's got no ears. Why has Nigel got no ears?

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