Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway

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Welcome to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid : The Getaway quiz. This is a fun knowledge quiz, but no cheating by looking in the book!

There are eighteen different questions in this quiz. If you see any spelling mistakes, or any other errors, then please forgive me. So that's about all then. Good look!

Created by: Seán
  1. What day did the Heffleys leave to go to Isla de Corales?
  2. What did Dad do when the truck almost hit him and Greg?
  3. Who sat beside Greg on the plane?
  4. Where was Greg staying?
  5. What animal did Greg come across with in the pool?
  6. Who got sick in the first half of the book?
  7. Where did the giant spider come out from?
  8. Which song was mentioned in the book?
  9. What was in Manny's first bucket?
  10. Which one of these were not an activity on Greg's side of the island?
  11. What got stuck in the net in the teens water polo?
  12. Where did the Heffleys eat after going on the banana boat?
  13. What day was Mom's spa day?
  14. Who got left behind when the family went snorkelling?
  15. What was leader of the tween zone called?
  16. Why were the family kicked out of the resort?

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