What Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Book Should You Try Next?

Lots of people love the diary of a wimpy kid series. And you do, otherwise you wouldn't have come to this quiz.🙃🙃It's fun! And it will help you find WHICH DIARY OF A WIMPY KID BOOK SHOULD YOU TRY NEXT?

Do you want to know which book it is? Then take the test! The books are: First book Rodrick Rules The last straw Dog days The ugly truth Cabin fever The third wheel Hard luck The long haul Old school Double down The getaway Take this quiz to find out which one is for you!

Created by: Beau ellis
  1. Do you still want to do this quiz?
  2. What book do you want to read?
  3. Quiz 1: In the long haul, what animal does Mum win?
  4. Bonus question! Did you get that right?
  5. How many school years are there?
  6. How many books are there?
  7. Quiz 2:⤵️ In the getaway, where does the family go? Quiz 3:⤵️ In dog days, how many people shared the ice cream cone that the Jeffersons bought?
  8. What do you want now?
  9. I think the best one is the getaway. What do you think?
  10. This is the last question.
  11. The last question was not to do with diary of a wimpy kid. But this question is. In what book(s) does the pig get mentioned?
  12. What personality are you?
  13. Processing data... Anything to add?
  14. Data processed! This is the last question. DID YOU LIKE THIS QUIZ?

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Quiz topic: What Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Book should I Try Next?