How well do you know Diary Of A Wimpy Kid?

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is an awesome book and movie for kids, tweens, teens and adults! Are you a fan? Find out here! Don't forget to comment and rate! :3

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Created by: luca_turrrkeeeyy

  1. Who is Susan Heffley?
  2. In 'The Long Haul', why did Manny ran away at the diner's restroom?
  3. Who is Fregley?
  4. What's the name of Rodrick's band?
  5. In 'Old School', who was Greg's homework buddy and what was his problems?
  6. In the first movie, what character from The Wizard of Oz that Greg got?
  7. In 'The Third Wheel', who is Fregley's crush?
  8. In 'Dog Days', what makes Frank bought a dog? What's his name?
  9. How do you like this quiz? (Pick option 3)
  10. Bye (Pick option 1)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Diary Of A Wimpy Kid?