Which book series should you read?

Ever wonder what you need to read? Well, this quiz gives you a book series you'll absolutely love!!!! It will fit your personality and requirements!!!!!!!

Please take this quiz seriously and answer honestly, and you will get a book you'll love! There are a lot of questions, so I'm pretty sure it is accurate! Have fun!

Created by: thestralblade
  1. Okay, welcome to part one of this quiz.On each of the eight questions, you will be given a word. The answer choices will be love, like, dislike or bleah! You will rate the word using the answer choices, love being the best, and bleah being the worst. Understood?
  2. Magic
  3. Romance
  4. Witches/Wizards
  5. Photography
  6. Art
  7. Music
  8. Animals
  9. Dance
  10. Now you have reached part 2 of this quiz, which are just eight normal questions.
  11. How long, on average, do you like the books you read?
  12. Which genre is your fav?
  13. Which is your favorite animal?
  14. What size chapters do you like?
  15. How much do you like to know about authors?
  16. Do like reading about smart characters?
  17. What type of characters do you like to read about?
  18. This is the last question. Have you read any of these books? The Mysterious Benedict Society, Warriors, Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, The Giver Quartet, The Secret Series,and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

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Quiz topic: Which book series should I read?