Which horse book should you read?

Are you 100% HORSE CRAZY?!?! If you are, this quiz is for you. It's a rainy day, and the indoor arena's being used. What to do? I know! Read a horsey book!

The books in this quiz are: International Velvet, Pure Chance, Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia, The Saddle Club books, Nobody's Horse and the Horse Mad Series. Which horsey book will you get?

Created by: Grace
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  1. What horse event do you like best?
  2. Choose one...
  3. What is your usual attitude?
  4. What colour is your hair?
  5. Choose one...
  6. Do you have an account on Howrse?
  7. Pick a name... any name.
  8. Are you:
  9. Do you like this quiz?
  10. Q:What animal has more hands than feet? A: A horse!!!
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Quiz topic: Which horse book should I read?