Which HTRBAG guy is for you?

Have you ever read How To Rock Braces And Glasses? Let's just call it HTRBAG for short. This quiz is about which boy in the book is your perfect match!

About the book: this book was also makde into a teen sitcom on nickelodeon. Maybe you've seen it before. The book is REALLY good book and you should read it.

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. Whats something you want to see in a guy?
  2. What name is your favorite?
  3. Do you like hotties/pretty boys?
  4. Do you like rock singers?
  5. Quick question that won't affect your results: Have you ever read How To Rock Braces and Glasses?
  6. Back to questions that DO affect your results, okay?`
  7. Which hairstyle do you think is most attractive?
  8. Which activity would you want him to do?
  9. would you mind if he used to date your best friend?
  10. Would you want to kiss him a lot?

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