Which of my male characters is your match? *Part 2*

I've made this one previously-- but here is the more advanced, and a bit more descriptive then the one before. The two I did are different, but somewhat the same.

The original one, titled "Which of my (male) characters is your perfect match?" was a bit off, so I decided to make a (better) new one. Please comment with your results!

Created by: BumbleFrisbee

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  1. All right. I've done this quiz before, but this is the more advanced version. There's going to be some of the same questions, but a lot of different questions. Okay?
  2. Appearance. We all know it has something to do with the way we look at our match, however big is up to you. What height do you like your dates to be?
  3. Movies-- one of the classic forms of dating a guy. Say that you're going to the movies with him. What kind of movie do you hope you'll go to see?
  4. Out of these, what seems the best job?
  5. You're going to have a lot of pet peeves that apply to the general public. You know that. But, out of these, which angers you the most?
  6. You have your flaws, you know you do. What of these flaws will be compatible to your perfect match?
  7. You're going on a date. Where/what do you prefer to go to/do?
  8. Everyone has a unique personality, seperated by different qualities, and you should know that by know. Which of these qualities is the most appealing to you, when looking at a guy?
  9. Out of these qualities in a guy, which is the best?
  10. Out of these words, which ones particularly represent your perfect relationship?
  11. You have to write a poem (in a group of three people or so) for English class. What is your response?
  12. Pick a smiley face, any smiley face. (Yes, this counts)
  13. Pick an action. (This counts, too.)
  14. All right. This is the last question.

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Quiz topic: Which of my male characters is my match? *Part 2*