Where would you be in the "five-man team"?

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An overview of many movies shows that they make use of a certain pattern in characters. This pattern is commonly known as the "Five Man Team." It includes the Hero, the Lancer, the Big Guy, the Brain, and the Peacemaker. ('The Peacemaker' was formerly known as 'the Chick', but due to the role being filled by male characters as well, it needed to be renamed.)

This 'team' can be literally an organized team, in a rather Star Trekkian sense. The first part of this quiz treats it as so. However, they can just as easily be a band of characters thrown together by accident. It really doesn't matter that much, as they still fit the archetypes of the band.

Created by: Sherlock
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  1. It is a normal Saturday afternoon. You are probably...
  2. Suddenly your cell phone rings, summoning you to the secret meeting base of your hero team. Your first thought is...
  3. It turns out that the mission is to shadow a member of the League of Evil to his hideout, plant a bug there, and return. One person is needed to do the shadowing and bugging, and another person is needed to operate the sound system back at the base. You volunteer for...
  4. One way or another, you got stuck with following the crook. Anyway, he leads you to...a nature preserve. You think:
  5. The crook enters a cave, which leads to a dark tunnel. You follow. At the other end of the tunnel is...an underground mansion!
  6. Suddenly a ninja drops out of nowhere and menacingly waves a katana in your face, snarling, "Prepare to meet Fire Of Lightning!"
  7. You whip out your gun, but it is knocked from your hand. More ninjas appear, tie you up, and take you inside the mansion. You feel...
  8. You plant the bug (don't ask me how) and decide to break out. But how?
  9. Whatever you did, it worked. You escape back to the base. The bug records enough info to incriminate the whole gang and send them to jail.
  10. OK. What color would you pick for your uniform? (This actually has significance.)
  11. You could best be described as:
  12. You are mostly a...
  13. A quality of yours:
  14. What do you have the most of?

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