Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Then newest movie in The Twilight Saga, New Moon, has everybody choosing sides. Twilight and New Moon is based on the Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyer. Joining teams. The teams are team Jacob and team Edward.

You may think you know what team you are on. But do you really? So, the question is, team Jacob or team Edward. Take this Quiz to find out!! Please answer truthfully.

Created by: GO EDWARD
  1. You want...
  2. Your favorite color is
  3. What would you rather do for a vacation?
  4. Are you generally...
  5. You can have one super power. Which one of the below do you choose?
  6. Which of these gross things would you rather eat/drink?
  7. Are you expirienced in your current position (school, work etc.)
  8. Would you rather...
  9. How do you get your food?
  10. Do you cry a lot?
  11. Quick! Pick one!!

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