Are you a True Fan of the Twilight Saga?

There are are many fans of the Twilight Saga, are you a True Fan? If you want to find out you should really take this quiz. The hardest question is about Stephanie Meyer.

If you are team Edward or team Jacob please tell me in the comments, I would love to hear from everyone about if they liked my quiz or not so please tell me.

Created by: Phoenix Night

  1. Bella's eyes are what color?
  2. Bella's and Edward's baby is named what?
  3. Edward's family members are...
  4. The Cullens are...
  5. Which books were the series based on?
  6. Bella's car is...
  7. The Volturi reside in
  8. What does Edward do to try and have himself killed?
  9. Bella's last name is
  10. Stephanie Meyer started the series because
  11. What is Aro's power?
  12. Why does Edward leave Bella?
  13. What is Bella's power?
  14. Who is the fastest in the Cullen family?
  15. Where does Bella first meet James, Victoria, and Laurent?
  16. Why does James try to kill Bella?
  17. Who is with Victoria when she comes to kill Bella in Eclipse?
  18. In which book does Bella find out that Jacob is a werewolf?
  19. Who plays Bella in the movies?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Fan of the Twilight Saga?