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"Stephenie Meyers created an entirely new world when she wrote the Twilight saga. Creating a rich world of mythical & romantic characters as well as exciting plot lines, Twilight has become a world-wide phenomenon!"

"Are you a Twilight expert? Do you know the difference between the Cullens and the Volturi? Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? In this quiz on the third Twilight novel, you will test your knowledge and become a genuine Twi-hard!"

Created by: Tai
  1. In Jacob's reply note to Bella, which line did he not cross out?
  2. Which College did Bella get accepted to first?
  3. What does Edward say to Bella after he disables her truck as she tries to sneak a visit to see Jacob?
  4. When Jacob confronts Edward & Bella at school, what is his first insult to Edward?
  5. What affectionate line did Edward write when leaving Bella to go hunting?
  6. What was Quil's reaction to becoming a Werewolf?
  7. What was Jacob's response to Bella's tantrum when learning he wasn't aging?
  8. What is Bella's astrological sign?
  9. What message does Bella leave on Edward's cell phone?
  10. What year was Rosalie murdered and transformed into a Vampire?
  11. What is Jacob's response to Bella's informing him of her intent to become a Vampire in a few weeks?
  12. Name the female members of the Denali Clan..
  13. What activity did Edward hope to share with Bella?
  14. How did Jacob react when learning Bella would become a Vampire after Graduation?
  15. What was the first item Bella noticed was missing from her room?
  16. What is Mike Newton's Mother's name?
  17. What is Bella's favorite book?
  18. What "Fatherly" talk did Charlie want to have with Bella about Edward?

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