How well do you know New Moon

Are you a true New moon fan maybe your just a twilight fan! lets see if you paid attention at the movies or reading your book@!!! Come join me at this quiz!!

New Moon Fan YES or NO!!!!Or you might be a twilight fan or even an eclipse fan!!!!Dont for get Eclipse is in theaters June 30, 2010!!! Join this quiz its simple and easy if you read the book or movie

Created by: gabriela
  1. Who plays Bella Swan?
  2. Who turns into a wolf in the movie?
  3. Who is Bella in love with?
  4. Where does bellas dad live in the movie?
  5. Who tried to kill Bella?
  6. DId bella jump off the cliff?
  7. What happend to bella at her birthday party?
  8. Who saved her when she was in the lake?
  9. Why was bella frightened when she was riding the dirtbike?
  10. Did Alice not like jacob because he is a wolf?
  11. Did you see the movie in the theater?
  12. Did you like the movie?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know New Moon