How well do you know "New Moon"?

"There are many people who have seen "New Moon"!! If you have seen it than you better take this quiz to see how well you know "New Moon".

Do you know alot about "New Moon"!!! If you do than you better take this quiz!! What is "New Moon"? "New Moon is wonderful movie you need to watch to get a high score!!

Created by: abigal
  1. Which side of Emily's face is scarred?
  2. When Embry and Bella arrive at Emily's, what is she making?
  3. How does Charlie explain emily's scars?
  4. What kind of car does jake (jacob) drive?
  5. who was jacob's father's grandfather?
  6. what put harry clearwater in the hospital?
  7. who was the first that bella sees again?
  8. how many make up in the volturi family?
  9. edward wants the volturi to:
  10. what does the volturi tell edward what bella is to him?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know "New Moon"?