Ultimate Sailor Moon Quiz

There are many Sailor Moon fans. But do you think you know it all? Really? You've watched every English and Japanese episode? You've read all the Mangas? If you have, wow! I have not watched all the Japanese episodes, yet.

Are YOU a True sailor Moon fan?? Do you qualify? Deserve to be called one? Thanks to me for this quiz, you can find out! *This is a true quiz. Not a stupid one. Trust me!

Created by: Serena
  1. In the first episode of Sailor Moon, what did Serena get on her test?
  2. In the Japanese episode 45, who was Minako's sisterly friend in England?
  3. In Japanese episode 37 what did Usagi use the Luna Pen to transform into?
  4. In Day of Destiny who was the third scout to die?
  5. In the English episode "Nightmare in Dreamland" why are Raye and Serena fighting at the begining?
  6. In Japanese episode 52, what is Sailor Venus's new attack name?
  7. In the R English episode "Raye's Day in the Spotlight", what is Sailor Mars's new attack name?
  8. In Japanese episode 60, why does Usago get a little freaked?
  9. What does Wiseman turn Rini into? (English dub question)
  10. In the R series who does Serena find out she is?
  11. Who are the evil villans in the first half of the R series? (WARNING English names used!)
  12. In the S series, who are the new Sailor Soldiers?
  13. True or False: Rini says she hates Trista (any season, any episode)
  14. What episode (Japanese,in the S series) does Usagi get drunk in?
  15. What Tailisman does Neptune possess?
  16. What is Super Sailor Moon's first attack and transformation phrase?
  17. Who is the moon princess?
  18. In Sailor Moon SuperS who gives the socuts super transformation tools?
  19. In Sailor Moon SuperS what is the new enemy?
  20. Who are the Sailor Animates (ALL of them including Manga.)
  21. Name all the sailor solders that are good in the anime
  22. Name all Manga (good) sailor soldiers excluding ones from last question.
  23. Who calls themself the "Soul Hunter"?
  24. True or False: Sailor Cosmos appeared in the Anime
  25. Sailor Cosmos and Guardian Cosmos are one in the same?

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