How much do you know about Sailor Moon?

Do you like Sailor Moon? Do you think you're a wizard at this stuff? Then take this to see if you are a Sailor Moon Genius! It contains trivia from almost all of the series!

Have you been looking for a good Sailor moon quiz lately? Then take this quiz and see how much you know! You could be a Sailor Moon master at this stuff!

Created by: The Geek
  1. Which person had the messiah of silence in her?
  2. Who were the three holders of the heart tailsmans?
  3. How did Sailor Pluto (die) in Sailor MoonS?
  4. How did Hotaru's dad become evil?
  5. Who is the owner of Luna?
  6. Who is the owner of Artemis?
  7. In what series did the moon cat Diana first appear in?
  8. Where did Diana come from?
  9. What wand/scepter did Queen Serenity use to save the people of the moon?
  10. Who is the Queen of the Nega verse?
  11. Who is the leader of the (bad dream) family?
  12. Who is Rini the Daughter of?
  13. What were the outer sailors said to do in the past?
  14. Where all of the Sailor Scouts princesses of their own planet?
  15. What is Rini called when she lives in Crystal Tokyo?
  16. Who are the Amazon Trio?
  17. How were the people of the dark moon created?
  18. What kind of energy does the Doom Tree need to survive?
  19. How many episodes does it take for the Messiah of Silence to be defeated?
  20. Who is Pegasus?
  21. In who's dream does pegasus hide in?
  22. What do most of the sailor scouts say to transform in Sailor MoonR?
  23. What does Rini say in Sailor MoonS to transform?
  24. What did Sailor Moon have to do to change the Four Sisters into normal humans?
  25. What are the first words to the Sailor Moon theme song (English version)?
  26. What two people did Hotaru have in her?
  27. Was Hotaru her normal self when Sailor Moon saved her?
  28. Why did the tea ceremony girl become crazy about the Sailor Scouts?
  29. Does Rini ever become a teenager?
  30. why does Rini become Wicked Lady?
  31. When Rini became Wicked Lady, did her Luna P.'s cresent Moon change into the dark moon symbol?
  32. How many times did Sailor Moon have to defeat the Wise Man?
  33. Who did Sappire love?
  34. What did Prince Diamond like Sailor Moon for(part of her body)?
  35. Who did Emerald like?
  36. Who did Anne like when she was a normal human?
  37. Who did Alan like when he was a normal human?
  38. Would Andrew let Rita do what her heart desires because he loves her?
  39. What planet was Darien the prince of?
  40. Were Serena and Darien meant to be together in the past?

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