Are you a Sailor Moon fan?

Do you think you are a die hard Sailor Moon Fan? Do you know the show and the movies back to front like the back of your head? If so this is the quiz for you! Take my Sailor Moon quiz and see how you go!

There are only a few people who even know what Sailor Moon is, and even fewer who are hardcore fans of the show! Take this test, show the world you are the biggest fan of sailor moon with these tricky, hard to get questions!

Created by: Jo
  1. What is Sailor Moons Japanese name?
  2. What is Prince Edymion the Prince of?
  3. What is the true identity of the Black Lady of the Black Moon?
  4. In Luna's human form, what colour is the dress she wears?
  5. Who are the 3 Sailor Starlights?
  6. What colour is Sailor Pluto's hair
  7. How does the second verse of the theme song start?
  8. How many Sailor Scouts are there all together?
  9. What is Tuxedo Mask's secret identity?
  10. What episode is Amy introduced?
  11. What does Darien nickname Serina?
  12. What is Sailor Moons nickname in the manga series?
  13. What are the 3 Cats names?
  14. What colour is Diana?
  15. Is Sailor Moon a princess?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Sailor Moon fan?