New Moon Lovers? Click Here! (How well do you know the book?)

Test your knowledge of Stephenie Meyer's New Moon! (Part of a 4 book series Please don't cheat... Where's the fun in that? Do you know it well enough to achieve a perfect score? Find out!

Only a few of these were of my own. The first few were from other quizzes. I did not write all of the questions! Once again, not mine! (not completely)

Created by: Catherine
  1. What is Edward's full name?
  2. Who is Sam's fiancee?
  3. Which war was Jasper an officer in?
  4. What is Alice's real name? (Before she became a vampire)
  5. Who make up the FULL Denali coven? (not including Laurent who stayed with them for about a year)
  6. Which was not one of Bella's favorite gem stones mentioned?
  7. Which car is not owned by one of the Cullens?
  8. About how old is Edward? (Technically speaking from when he was born till now)
  9. Names of the Cullens from oldest to youngest. (Age when they died)
  10. Why does Edward leave Bella? (Read the answers carefully)
  11. Who is Jacob's first friend to... change?
  12. Who is the leader of the pack?
  13. Who was the visitor, who came after Bella "suicided"?
  14. Who of Charlie's friends died?
  15. Who called asking for Charlie?
  16. Which car did Alice steal in Italy?
  17. By the end of the book, how many werewolves were in the pack?

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Quiz topic: New Moon Lovers? Click Here! (How well do I know the book?)