Do You Know New Moon??

There are a great many people who think they know everything about all the Twilight books. Well allow me to ask you something. Are you sure you do know it all? Because thanks to this quiz we will all know who is a New Moon reader or not.

Do you know new moon? Can you know it. I sure hope you do because in a few minutes after taking this great quiz we will know if you are or not. Here is your chance.

Created by: Danielle
  1. What day is it at the beginning of the book that Bella is not to happy about?
  2. What did Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper give Bella for her birthday?
  3. What did Edward and Alice give Bella for her birthday?
  4. True or False esme and Carlisle gave Bella the plane tickets to Jacksonville to visit her mom.
  5. Who nearly kills Bella at her birthday party after she scrapes her finger?
  6. How long was Bella 'lifeless' While Edward was gone?
  7. Who does Bella ask to go with her for a girls night out?
  8. Whose voice does Bella hear in her head while she starts to walk over to the group of men while out with Jessica?
  9. Where does Bella work for her job?
  10. Who does Bella see from her past, in her and Edwards meadow?
  11. Which werewolf that saved Bella reminded her of Jacob Black?
  12. True or False Jacob turns out to be the reddish brown wolf the remind her of Jacob?
  13. What sport makes Bella nearly kill herself?
  14. Which vampire sees Bella falling from the cliff?
  15. Who told Edward that Bella had tried to commet suicide?
  16. Where must Alice and Bella go to save Edward?
  17. True or False Alice tells Bella to say this phrase to ask people where the the clock tower is if they could only speak Italian? 'Palazzo dei Priori.
  18. What was the name of the secretary for the Volturi?
  19. I decided to skip a few chapters. What was the vote for Bella to become part of the Cullens?
  20. Who is going to 'change' Bella?
  21. When is Carlisle going to change Bella?

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